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every occasion

Whether in love or business, when staff feel valued, clients understood, loved ones cherished, that's when the real magic happens. Relationships are enhanced, esteem is attained, neon pink crayfish are marvelled at, loyalty is pledged and memories are cultivated (oh and occasionally love is declared, she loves it when that happens!).

misscarter bold romance wedding event styling

any excuse

Whether as small as old friends toasting the sunset, as significant as a team building luncheon or as underplayed as a deferred 40th (held around 43), misscarter has spent her life championing the importance of celebrating anything and everything (her birthday is known as Festivis afterall). She's even well versed in the art of conjuring an occasion out of thin air - just ask!

misscarter wedding event styling

always a little different

misscarter believes a considered strum (rock ballad style) on the heartstrings gets you everywhere. It's about more than pretty colours and bountiful florals but it's still simple - thoughtful and imaginative styling represents you exclusively and makes guests feel valued and cherished. She knows how to ensure the occasion feels uniquely yours, casting her artistic wand over every detail.