Sarah Carter Creative Director of misscarter styling

misscarter is one
of a handful of
earth-bound beings that can use the left and right side 
of her brain simultaneously. 

Always making excuses
to celebrate even the simplest joys in life (her birthday is known as Festivis, soon to become a household term - mark her words), it was only a matter of time before misscarter decided to apply her ingenious gifts and offbeat outlook to styling unique gatherings.

This also means she can drink bubbles and spray paint props simultaneously. Surely that warrants a place on her résumé. Just don't ask her to pat her head and rub her tummy simultaneously. She's no good at that. But who wants to be?

Creative director on an almost infinite number of fashion and interior photo shoots, artistic projects and advertising campaigns for over 20 years, misscarter applies her hypercolour vision with organisational precision to everything she touches. Naturally lively and unapologetically glamorous, she has been described as a grown-up crossed with a candy pop. And proud of it.