misscarter event styling summer

Whether as small as old friends toasting the sunset, as significant as a team building luncheon or as underplayed as a deferred 40th (held around 43), misscarter has spent her life championing the importance of celebrating anything and everything. She's even well versed in the art of conjuring an occasion out of 
thin air - just ask!

misscarter casts her artistic wand over every detail, not just tablescaping, but personalised placements, guest gifts and your custom scent. She can even compile your playlist. After all,
the perfect atmosphere is about more than just a pretty visual.

It has been suggested that misscarter can overthink things but she simply knows the value in creating a stirring atmosphere that's about more than pretty colours and bountiful florals. She believes in listening 
to you and gleaning exactly what you love, value and how you like to mark a special occasion. She also knows how to ensure that occasion feels uniquely yours. As for winning over your guests, she believes
a considered strum on the heartstrings 
(rock ballad style) gets you everywhere. 

It's simple - thoughtful and imaginative styling represents you exclusively and makes your guests feel valued and cherished. And that's when the real magic happens - relationships are enhanced, esteem is attained, neon pink crayfish
are marvelled at, loyalty is pledged
and memories are cultivated (oh and occasionally love is declared, she loves
it when that happens!)

misscarter styles spaces and intimate gatherings that woo the ones you want, wow those that matter and create unforgettable memories. 

Her offbeat outlook conjures unique tablescapes and stirring atmospheres for any space or occasion, grandiose or weeny. After all, misscarter believes anything is worth celebrating.